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​​Online Sessions

Please note online sessions require Zoom, wifi access and headphones if possible.

Initial Consultation online -  This session will last around 1.5 hours. In this meeting you will go over your issue extensively and discuss your goals. You will spend the first session breaking through unconscious blocks at some depth with clinical hypnotherapy and analysis. 

Standard Session online -   These sessions typically last an hour and allow progress to be monitored, dealing with any resistance as it arises. When all resistance has been broken down, this enables you to easily reframe ideas and new positive thought patterns and ways of behaving can be strengthened.

Hypnotherapy has shown to be 93% effective after 6 sessions compared to 38% effective after 600 psychoanalysis sessions (this is because we work at theta brain wave activity) so packages are suggested for full benefits.

The best way of working with Fiona is through a course which includes the Consultation. 


Course of 3 sessions - Initial Consultation and two Standard Sessions - £950

Course of 6 sessions - Initial Consultation and five Standard Sessions - £1750

Courses of 3 are advised for one issue and for deeper, more complex problems 6 sessions are recommended.

Sessions are spaced accordingly depending on progress, needs and the level of support required.

Please do not book a regular session for stopping smoking. See below for this Programme.

More information and FAQ's below.

Stop Smoking Programme

The Stop Smoking Programme includes an initial 90 minute session and two free follow ups within 6 months (if needed). A deposit will be taken to secure the booking and then instructions sent before the first session to begin the programme. ​

If you wish to see others who have had treatments please see the video on the client stories section of the site and more information on the stop smoking course can be found by clicking here.

Stop Smoking Programme - £495

Additional Information

For any changes or cancellations please give three working days notice.

If your requested appointment time is not available you will be contacted as soon as possible to re arrange.

You must provide all information in the form sent to you, including any relevant medical history or medication we need to be aware of.



Can anyone be hypnotised?

Yes anyone can go into this state. We use a theta brain state which is similar to meditation. Fiona is able to successfully guide every client into the state for change to occur. Please note suggestibility tests predominant in research studies is a different phenomenon to the therapeutic methods we use. 

Will I get stuck in hypnosis?

No this can never happen. The techniques used work with the unconscious mind but you do not need to be in an unconscious state to do this. It is a very natural process and you will have full control at all times.

Will I say or do something I don't want to?

No this can never happen. Your mind will work the same way it does in a normal every day state you will just be able to see things more clearly.

Is it safe?

Yes very safe. There has never been any cases of anyone coming to any harm from this therapy. 

Will it work?

Although we cannot offer a guarantee, whenever you work with unconscious beliefs, this causes shifts to occur. Fiona is very experienced and used to working with resistant clients and if change isn't occurring there is always a deeper reason. Our minds have layers, sometimes there are more to work through than others.

How many sessions will I need?

This will depend on the level of support you feel you will need. If you are unsure we can alter your booking and how many sessions booked after the initial Consultation session.

Do you offer in person sessions?

Currently no. The sessions work equally as well online as they do in person and all methods have been adapted to improve effectiveness. Sessions online allow for greater flexibility, no outside sound disturbance and provide the comfort of being at home. Please see Doctify Reviews for online session feedback. In the odd case an improvement hasn't been made because of difficulties with online sessions (although this has not happened yet), exceptions can be made to be seen in person once the programme has began at no extra fee. We are committed to the success of your treatment plan.

Why are one off sessions not available?

The unconscious mind is a very powerful thing and change needs to be carefully implemented. Through years of learning the best way of applying these techniques, the full benefits are gained through careful monitoring of mental progression. This manages resistance and any unknown self sabotage for long lasting changes. We do not work for temporary fixes and wish to fulfil a complete duty of care and commitment when assisting in making fundamental mental shifts. It's a process and journey that has been proven to work.

If you are unsure if this is the right treatment for you please see other clients who have been in your position by clicking here

Booking Your Initial Session

You can now book your session online using our online booking system.

Once this has been confirmed, you will be sent all the details, including a New Client Intake Form. This extra information helps us gain a deeper understanding of your issue, your background and goals. After your first session, we will schedule a plan for the next steps. If there are any problems with the booking you will be contacted by one of the team straight away. If not, we look forward to working with you and please fill out the form sent to you at least 24 hours prior to your session.

Please message us for access to the system and to check availability /current waiting times.



For any questions and to get in touch please fill out the form below.


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