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Depression is not simply a matter of feeling down, or unhappy for a few days… it is also not something you can just snap out of by yourself. Sometimes you need help to lift the emotional weight you are carrying.

Depression tends to come from events in the past and our minds not being able to 'let go'. Anxiety is living too much in the future. Very often people can have a mixture of the two but I don't really like labels. We have all had things happen in our past but it's important to remember that it doesn't define who we are and we have a choice how we wish to move on with our lives. 


It could be that an old feeling or emotion has been triggered that was never dealt with properly or you have so much going on you just don't know how to handle it. It could be that you just seem to have lost hope, hope for the future and hope in your self belief. Whatever it is you are not alone and many people have gone on to clear the dark clouds and live normal lives again. 

You may have never felt happy and push away anything that feels too good to be true without even knowing it. Deep down, under all those layers, is that happy you. You may even become so engrossed with your problems that you have forgotten how to laugh, you become confused with who you are as a person and feel lost.

I teach clients how to break these destructive thinking patterns. Everyone is different as we have all had a unique set of experiences that have shaped us into who we are. Every session is different and there is no one set approach to dealing with anything in the past. I treat everyone as the individual they are.

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