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One of the most common causes of insomnia is anxiety. When I suffered myself with anxiety I found it impossible to get a good nights sleep, so I understand just how debilitating this can be. It's common to have sleep disturbances when life becomes stressful, but it becomes an issue when you get into bad sleeping habits and feel like you can't get out of them alone.

We are able to make changes on an unconscious level so that you can get back into your normal sleeping routines. It's all about trusting your bodies natural sleep processes and being able to close off thoughts when you really don't want them. We essentially re-set your natural body clock, so you can return to how you used to sleep when there wasn't a problem.


Sometimes there is underlying anxiety which needs to be addressed that may take a few more sessions, so I recommend 1-3 treatments depending on how many much work needs to be done. I use a variety of techniques and each session is individual depending on the clients specific needs.

When you start thinking and feeling like a good sleeper, your body learns that you don't need to be on-guard and your whole relationship with sleep changes. This allows you to get on with your life with more energy and confidence.

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