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Weight Loss

Many people who are trying to lose weight are constantly on a diet, restricing and then over eating. This becomes a vicious circle, leaving them frustrated and not getting the results they want.

Imagine what it would be like to let go of this. To let go of the wanting to lose weight. Sometimes when we try too hard to do something, the very opposite happens and we attract what we dont want. Like when you lie in bed and try to go to sleep you just can't. The same happens with weight loss. The more you focus on food and the things you are not allowed, the more you think about food and the more you want those very things! Then they become treats and it feels like a constant battle as if you are being deprived in some way.

The main aim of the weight loss treatment is to simply forget about food, and ultimately think like a slim person. Your mind is trained to remember your body is not a dustbin or your friend.  We reconnect your mind and body so they begin to work with each other instead of against each other, allowing you to make logical decisions, rather than emotional ones. When we do this something wonderful happens and we eat well because we love our bodies and excerise for the same reason.

People find it difficult to lose weight as they believe it is difficult and make it a big issue in their lives. What if it was easy to lose weight? What would you life be like if you thought about food less not more? What would it be like to gain control and feel calmer? It is all possible if you take a step back, understand and unpick the habits so you build positive new ones.

I tend to structure weight loss sessions in a three sessions. These include addressing any emotional reasons for over eating and letting go of any unhealthy attachments we may have formed.  We also look at sugar addictions and unhealthy food choices and increase fitness motivation. The sessions work on reconnecting the subconscious part of the mind back with the stomach and shrinking the stomach back down to a normal size to physically stop the over eating.

It is a process that works as you learn to love your body and reach your full potential .

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