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"Transform Your Life with Proven Neuroscience and Hypnotherapy Techniques"

Welcome! I’m Fiona, a world-leading hypnotherapist dedicated to helping people uncover their true potential and achieve transformative success. With a unique blend of hypnosis, meditation, neuroscience, nervous system regulation, and manifestation techniques, I guide my clients to overcome past experiences, build confidence, and create a life filled with abundance.


About Me
My Journey and Philosophy

My passion for self development began over fifteen years ago, when I felt like I had tried every single thing possible to help me with my own struggles in life. The only thing that really helped was making shifts on an unconscious level. Over the last ten years, working as a full time hypnotherapist, I've developed a comprehensive approach that integrates the latest scientific research with proven therapeutic techniques. My goal is to empower women to become less reactive, make logical choices, and ultimately increase their productivity and income.

The 3-Pillar System
The Foundation of My Transformative Success Program

My 3-Pillar System is designed to address every aspect of personal and professional growth:

These pillars provide a holistic framework that ensures lasting change and empowers you to reach new heights in both life and business.

  • Recognizing Past Influences: Understand how past experiences shape your current beliefs and behaviors.

  • Resetting the Nervous System: Learn techniques to regulate your nervous system and reduce stress responses.

  • Reprogramming the Mind for Success: Use hypnotherapy and neuroscience-based methods to develop a success-oriented mindset.

Why Work with Me?

With my extensive experience and unique approach, I have successfully helped countless women transform their lives. My clients value the personalized attention and scientifically-backed methods that drive real, measurable results. You already probably know how you want to feel but just don't know how to implement it on a deep level or release any 'stuck' feelings. If you’re ready to invest in yourself and achieve unprecedented success, I invite you to take the first step.

What the Experts Say

   "Fiona made me feel reassured, like I could take on the world" - Daily Mail

   "Fiona is excellent at helping you pinpoint and crack any issues that are blocking your way" - Tatler Magazine

    "I use Fiona's techniques to access my inner strength" - Good Spa Guide

   Voted Best for Hypnotherapy -

   Hypnotherapist of the Year - London Prestige Awards 2021 & 2022

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Experience the Power of Hypnosis:
Watch a Live Demo

Curious about how hypnosis can help you release limiting blocks and achieve your full potential?


Watch this video of me conducting a live hypnosis session with a client. You'll see firsthand how gentle and natural the process is. Hypnosis is not scary or unknown; it's a natural state of focused relaxation that anyone can enter. During hypnosis, you're fully aware and in control, yet deeply relaxed, allowing your subconscious mind to become open to positive suggestions and transformative change. This demo will show you how hypnosis can be a powerful tool for overcoming obstacles to release old emotions and achieving your goals.

Beach Waves

Start Your Journey

Over the last six months I have been working extensively to create an AI tool that creates personalized meditations and hypnosis sessions. We have created a program that uses my voice and techniques to make you a UNIQUE and tailored session, designed to fit your needs. You mind is just like a computer, it can be programmed to do amazing things! Visit ai-hypnosis to make your session.

Using the Power of AI

Fiona's book 'Meditate Yourself Happy' is available in Waterstones, WHSmiths, Barnes & Noble and on Amazon.

Learn how to use the power of the mind to change your mood through daily meditation.
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" I am very impressed. Highly recommend to everyone. "




" We dug up some pretty deep stuff, it was amazing. "




" The best thing I have done for my mind in a long time. "

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