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Addictions can be habitual or a learnt way of dealing with emotions.

Unwanted behaviour patterns become a crutch and so ingrained they are automatic, almost as if someone else is taking over. It could be in the form of gambling, alcohol, sugar, sex, drugs or anything else which provides a temporary escape from reality. 


If the behaviour is very emotionally charged, there may need to be some analytical work done to get to the root cause of the issue. Many times the problem we think we have is never the issue at all. It lies much deeper down in the unconscious mind. If your mind can create an issue then it knows what needs to happen to create a solution and through hypnotherapy we can access the most powerful part of the thought processes.

Many people with addictions believe they cannot deal with certain situations/life without this crutch. We look at confidence and building assertiveness to simply say no. By building a strong mental foundation and a new persepective on the issue, more control can be found and the impulses lessen.

Anxiety around any substances is removed to have a new attitude to old triggers. Many clients go on to have a healthy relationship with alcohol for example, almost as if it wasn't an issue to begin with. 


Every one is different as we have all had a unique set of experiences which have led us to where we are now. There is no-one set approach when dealing with addictions and each session is tailored individually to the client's needs. How long treatment will take will depend on how much fear and resistance there is to work through. Sometimes this can be quite speedy but in some cases can take longer. Three treatments are recommended to begin with. This enables us to track/monitor progress and work on what comes up during the periods between appointments.

For food addictions please see weight loss or eating disorders page.

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