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Anxiety can affect someone in so many different ways and can be very debilitating if not addressed properly.

Anxiety is your mind perceiving danger. It's when our minds and body have learnt to react to certain situations based an emotional response. When you are on high alert, the most simple things can trigger an unwanted response. This is from too much adrenaline in the system and your mind just trying to protect you, going into fight or flight mode. When this is paired with our own thoughts, this can lead to panic attacks.


No one is born with anxiety. We come into the world feeling safe, loved and protected. Events can happen which make our minds think we aren't safe (rightly or wrongly). To stop anything bad happening to us again our body goes searching for danger. This can explain the worrying and overthinking. Our minds are trying to find a threat. 

What we need to do is relax the emotional part of the mind so you unconsciously feel safe. When you feel safe your thoughts and feelings are calmer and in turn your behaviour. Your mind can slow down to make every day life decisions a lot easier. 

We do this by teaching the mind to think more logically. Dramatic thinking can become a habit so we work on breaking this so your mind can be free from anything that was weighing it down. I use many different methods to work through any fears so people can become the person they were meant to be. 


Imagining a positive future is a big part of this and we work on many different elements to reduce all those unwanted thoughts to gain control over your life again.


I suffered myself with Anxiety so use my own experience of overcoming it to be able to help people, really understanding what they have been through. 


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