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Eating Disorders

Any eating disorder is a learnt way of dealing with emotions. There is always so much more happening on an unconscious level than just the eating behaviour.


This behaviour may be over-eating, restricting, purging or a combination of them all. If you feel overwhelmed by food and think about it constantly some kind of distorted eating habits may have developed. You may use food as a treat, as a punishment or to deal with any other intense emotion. Our bodies naturally know when we are hungry and what food we need. It is when we stop listening to our bodies and try to control a natural process too much that problems arise.


Many of us can turn to food and form some kind of addiction. Unlike other addictions you cannot just cut out food. It's a relationship we really need to learn to be comfortable with as we are faced with it every single day. Think how much more clearly you will be able to think when you stop thinking about food so much! It is possible to over come these habits and additions so you can feel calm and relaxed even at social events.

I usually recommend three sessions for eating issues and in the first we look at the emotion which fuels the behaviour. It could be stress, feeling lonely or overwhelmed. We see where these feelings come from, what is causing  them and effectively dissolve them and reframe the perception. There may be also some self sabotage going on. We cannot survive semi starving ourselves and certainly cannot perform at our best. I teach clients how we feel is far more important than how we look. Changes can happen as slow as you need them too so if you are nervous about putting weight on they don't be. Our bodies naturally know the best weight for us, we just need how to tune back into our intuition. 

When the emotion is no longer there we can look closer at habits and see if there is any sugar addiction going on. If there have been episodes of over eating then the stomach may have expanded and need more food to get full that can lead to more frustration.  We can reduce the size mentally so we re-set our systems to how they were previously. Everyones' favourite part is working on the sugar addiction as I get you to taste it for the chemical drug that it is.

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